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Q. What is a domain name?

A domain name is the 'name' of your website. It is the name that your customers will type into their web browser to get to your site. Our domain name is smewebsitecompany.com. When you decide on what your domain name should be we will check whether it is available and register it for you.


Q. Once I register a domain name, is it mine for life?

No. You can never own your domain name, you merely register it for a period of your choosing and if you fail to renew it, the domain name becomes available for other people to register. If you fail to renew it, you will lose all claim to the domain name, even if it is your registered trading name.


Q. Do I need to register more than one domain name?

We advise our clients to do so, for the following reasons. Your domain name will become closely linked to your business and your brand -it will appear on all your stationery and promotional materials. Once you are committed to it, you will probably not want to change it. Businesses register variations on their domain names to protect them both from competition and from unsuitable content being associated with their business. The extent to which this will be a concern depends on the nature of your business. We recommend that you register a .com and .co.uk or .org and .org.uk extension for the name you will be using.


Q. What is website hosting?

Web hosting can be thought of as a 'home' for your website. It is a specified amount of space on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet. Depending on the size and traffic of your website, you may need more or less space and bandwidth.


Q. How do I choose web hosting?

Web hosting providers offer different facilities and technical capabilities on their servers. If you are commissioning a new site from us it is best to consult with us on the suitability of a hosting package, to ensure it has the functionality required for your website. There is no need however to sort this out within your own organisation, we offer web hosting as standard to all our customers. We recommend that you let us take care of this for you as this way we can ensure the most effective hosting environment for your website.


Q. I already have a website hosted elsewhere, can I change hosting providers?

Yes, you can. To move your site to be hosted by us you need to authorise your current hosting provider and with their help we will move the site for you.


Q. What is content management?

Content management systems allow the owner of the website to add and alter text, images and downloadable files to the website without the need for programming knowledge or use of html. It gives the user a simple text editor with editing functions similar to Microsoft Word in which they can type and format text and images. It also has easy to use upload tools for adding images and other files to the website, which makes maintaining the content of your website easy.


Q. Haven't found the answers you were looking for?

Let us know and we may add your question for the benefit of other users. We are here to answer any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us.